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Why Projectadv

“Being a part of the Projectadv network means being a part of a team of professionals striving for a common goal.
Doing your job well and running your business well.”

The benefits of the Projectadv network:

  • You take care of your publication, we take care of your advertising

  • We offer you complete control over your results and goals

  • No limits! We get a reward together and win together!

  • We use the best technology available on the market

  • We are constantly updated with the latest trends in the ADV world

Projects based on the latest services and technologies

We have developed our own indirect advertising model in which we collaborate with Google and other major online advertising distribution platforms, which allows us to maximize monetization of advertising space through the constant and focused analytical work of our advertising consultants.

We have integrated the online advertising distribution platform (Doubleclick for Publisher) with various add-ons that allow us to operate on VIDEO ADV, MOBILE ADV, REAL TIME BIDDING, both nationally and internationally.

Full control over the performance of your advertising space

In order to guarantee transparency in the management of advertising space, ProjectAdv offers the Publisher daily and historical reports on the performance of its revenues, through reserved access to a very detailed own web panel, where you can also check the status of payments, request technical assistance from our experts and view your advertising tags.

Optimized advertising projects for each publisher

You can restrict the display of certain categories of ads on your page

We can direct the advertising on your website to target audience.

We maximize the advertising profitability for each device (desktop, mobile, tablet etc.)

We have a wide choice of premium publisher partners for video advertising formats

Full control over the performance of advertising space through constantly updated reports

Projectadv team

Our dealership consists of a team of experts dedicated to each ADV sector:


Commercial consultants dealing with affiliation and website maintenance.


Technicians, advertising specialists, and researchers constantly striving for continuous improvement of our service.


Consultants involved in digital planning:

  • Advertising campaigns;
  • Purchasing advertising space from media centers;
  • Negotiating the economic terms of the purchase;
  • Analysis and reporting related to campaign performance.

Platform partner

We rely only on the best! Here are some of our best business partners