Some advertising formats available to online publishers

The range of formats offered by the ProjectAdv network is constantly evolving to meet the needs and innovations of the advertising world.
In accordance with International Advertising Bureau (IAB) rules, we support all of the following formats:
IAB Standard Display – Skins – Video Ads – All Mobile Formats – Reach Media

Desktop formats

Mobile formats

Special formats

Adapting advertising formats to different types of devices.

Websites updated to today’s standards are structured with automatic systems to adapt the style to the different devices on which they are displayed. Typically, independently of screen size, devices fall into four categories:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Connected TV (commonly referred to as “smart TV”)

The advertising formats offered to publishers associated with the Projectadv network are made with adaptive standards, so the banners or special formats can be shown simply by inserting “tags” (small pieces of code – also used with plug-ins).